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Our Community

Saint Gregory's Armenian Apostolic Church of  Montreal offers many ways for the community members to become more involved in their community and help strengthen it through activities made available at the Church.

We strongly believe that without a closely-knit community, we cannot survive in the modern world which is why we strongly encourage you to take part in these endeavors while also spreading the word about them.

Scroll on below to learn more about what is offered at the Church and discover how YOU can be a part of this amazing community and become a more invaluable part of it.



At Saint Gregory's, we believe that from a young age, children should be involved in their community and what better way to do so than with developing a musical talent and lifelong friendships.



Music is one of many remedies of the soul which is why at Saint Gregory's, the adult choir is an energetic and engaging group open for all to join. So come and learn more about what we do.



Do you seek a better understanding of the Bible? Do you wish to gain invaluable knowledge and guidance? Then click learn more to find out about Sunday School and be a part of our tightly-knit community.

Kamar Youth


"Kamar" Youth Union is the youth union of Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral of Montreal. 

For more information, click the link below.

Be Inspired
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