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Requiem Service


Download Requiem Forms by CLICKING HERE


Requiem Application Forms are also available from the church office.

Please contact church office to schedule Requiem (hokehankeesd) Service.

In the Armenian tradition there are different rituals after the funeral services and the internment of a Christian. These are held at various intervals. For convenience we shall refer to them as requiem services.

  •  the fortieth day [karasoonk] of the internment:

  •  the first anniversary [dareleets] of the internment:

  •  memorial days: the common requiem service [hokehankeesd], which follows the Divine Liturgy on five memorial days that follow the five major feasts during the year; the requiem for memorial days at the grave site can also be held on any day.


These services, practices and traditions give us an opportunity to pray for our deceased dear ones and then receive consolation through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

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